Low-Cost Bulk SMS – Is It Really Worth It?

While low prices and discounts can be a vital driver of sales, it is also remembering the old adage that you get what you pay for. Bulk SMS is not an exception. Businesses can select between paying less and pay later when a problem arises or paying a little bit more for a better general service without any troubles. When it comes to choosing a bulk SMS company for your mobile messaging, other factors should be considered in addition to the price. Consider the coverage, network quality, customer service, and reliability, as well as the pricing of their mobile messaging service.

Products and services

Does the bulk SMS Company provide a rich variety of functions and features with its mobile messaging service? And also offering a few several ways to send messages, what actually useful other functionality does it provide? For instance, does it offer an HLR lookup service so that you can make sure your contact information? The use of HLR search for double-checks telephone numbers and subscribing identity saves money by reducing invalid numbers.

Coverage and Reliability

Most bulk SMS companies say that they have a full coverage to anywhere in the world. Yet, the real question is not only the coverage but also the reliability. If their basic route is blocked, do they have an efficient backup? When choosing a supplier, take a long look at the operators and countries they connect and ask if they have more than one route to that purpose.

Network Quality

Sometimes as an SMS Provider offers to send bulk SMS messaging at a low cost, this is due to the quality of its network is a bit below par, affecting the message to be late or even lost along the technique. When a text message does not reach its destination, it’s a waste of time and money. In an ideal world, your bulk SMS business would have direct routing – or its own network – the power of the delivery chain. Besides, a more direct route ensures more reliable routing.

Customer Service

While it may seem easy to send mobile messages, throw in the variables of variable mobile operators and geographical locations, and the potential of problems with your bulk SMS messaging can improve. The great solution is to use a bulk SMS provider that supports the clock simultaneously seven days a week, 365 days a year – that’s via live chat or email either. In this way, you can get help anyway of the time zone, the day of the week or national holidays.

Payment Method and Minimum Orders

Payment for bulk SMS messages is almost always required in advance. Once the expense has been made, some providers will redirect the money to credits that are being deducted after the text messages are sent. Others only maintain a monetary account that is debited after the messages are sent. In both cases, the SMS representative may request a minimum number of messages, sometimes within a certain time limit. It is worthwhile to note that some companies also charge a signing-up fee.


If you miss your messages, you must consider the bulk SMS provider’s background. Are they a well-established supplier within the sector or a relative newcomer? Are you pleased to go with an unfamiliar quantity for your mobile messenger or would you like someone with more experience? Do they proceed as experts in this field – their website should provide you a clue. Can they give the expertise to help your company develop in new geographical markets?

If you can see, there are many important factors to consider when looking for a bulk SMS provider, only one of the prices. The quality of their coverage and services, along with their commitment to customer care are also most important. Visit this site : https://www.textplode.com

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