6 SMS Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

SMS Marketing is quickly going to become more popular in the next few years. It wasn’t one of the most popular methods, however, with the increased usage of smart phones and text messaging, SMS messages will quickly be taking over how business communicate with their customers. We highly suggest that if you’re not yet in the SMS market, you should consider upgrading. Here are 6 SMS marketing ideas that can help your business grow.

Send Weekly Tips

A simple weekly tip can help remind your customers of your existences and also provide value to anyone who is reading your text messages.

Flash Texts of Unpublished Sales

A flash text is basically a text about any sales that you haven’t posted anywhere else. This gives your customers the unique opportunity to pay attention to your business and give them the chance to build excitement about receiving a text from your company.

Text Reminders for Appointments

If your business SMSremind your customers of any appointments they made with you, you can easily reduce the amount of missed appointments and also increase your appointment conversion rates.

Confirmation & Update Texts

Anytime a customer places an order, you can send a text for a completed order. This can help your customer keep track of what they’re buying. If not, you can also update your customer on any changes they make to their account or ordering statuses.

Custom Texts

For small businesses, consider sending out personalized text messages catered to your client. It’s always nice to tailor the data and information received in their text messages to something that they care about.

Connect to Email Marketing

One of the top reasons for SMS marketing to be so successful is because more than 90% of people keep their phones turned on and by them at all times. Even if they’re on the job, it’s likely that they will still be checking their phones on the regular, so, by sending out texts you can easily communicate with your customers about information and updates. If you need to send out important emails, to ensure that everyone is reading it, send a text message to increase the chances that people will view it.


There are just a few simply ideas that can help you use Bulk SMS Marketing techniques to your advantage. Many small business owners are still hesitant towards making SMS messaging their main way of marketing, however, it’s becoming one of the biggest and fastest ways to transport information to and from the business and the customer. In truth, you’ll find that many customers today will actually view this as an upgrade in your business, as many people are actually reliant on the information they receive through notifications on their phone.

Remember that it’s always better to keep your customer well informed at a fast pace, as this can lead your business to having more people get trafficked to the website.

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