There are basic but important tips in creating a effective SMS marketing messages, because of the limited number of characters allowed in making a SMS message it is easy to forget to put in basic information, which of course,it is very important to do! In creating an SMS message, you need to make it short and direct to the point with complete information. If you do it well, SMS marketing can become a powerful tool and well regarded part of your marketing strategy. First, you need to put the basic information, display your business name; there is some couple of ways to do this. You may put your business name in character with no space as a name up; on the lower part you can put some other information or promotions. You can put also your contact number instead of your business name as the caller-ID then don’t forget to put your business or company name in the message. In this process the message will a little bit shorter and it is easier for the recipient to opt-out, it will result a positive for your brand. Also it will catch the attention of the customers or clients, and they will become your regular customers or client. Customers will not remember why or how they got on a mailing list; it will become temporary or it will not be notice as a competition entry, a survey in a store purchase and giving details.

Most companies and marketers are collecting customer numbers as a point of interest and point of purchase, and the customers will not qualify when they send out the messages. And by using the email you can easily send a message as you have as many characters, so you can explain how they came to be on your list. A customers or clients are looking for a good quality information and offers, if you want to be effective with your SMS marketing you need to make strong, time sensitive offers to give people a sense of value from you SMS messages, you need to put on their mind that they are getting something that the others don’t have, and the decision they have made to give up their mobile number is a good decision. The customers or clients are more interested when it comes of freebies, discounts, mobile company, links to free application, mobile video, alerts; you need to consider that the most important is to make the recipient  or your customers to feel that they are special in receiving the SMS message. In sending SMS message you need to make it sure that it will allow by your service provider, because the service provider will banned your message if they found some words that are offensive or can make destroy the reputation of their company, and also don’t make your message funky acronyms or shortening words, this is being uses by people with no keyboard. Some marketers use this language in order to save characters, it is much better to speak in a simple plain straight forward language.

Find more tips here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/279237

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