How SMS Marketing can expand your Business

Every business/brand needs an incredible publicity for expansion through advertisement, different campaigns, billboards posters and SMS Marketing obviously. Either it is big or small business and it is a rule for running a business that the new offers about the business should convey to the targeted audience. Ideally, people check their mobile phones 150 times a day and an averageRead the rest of this page »

6 SMS Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

SMS Marketing is quickly going to become more popular in the next few years. It wasn’t one of the most popular methods, however, with the increased usage of smart phones and text messaging, SMS messages will quickly be taking over how business communicate with their customers. We highly suggest that if you’re not yet in the SMS market, you shouldRead the rest of this page »

A General Guide to Hosting International Business Guests

Hosting International Business Guests

With the invent of the internet, surviving a global economy means participating in it. Despite a mutual desire to make money, one of the challenges is often understanding a foreign culture and ensuring that you don’t accidentally insult your business guests. A task often easier said than done. To help you with this business endeavor, below are some tips toRead the rest of this page »

Low-Cost Bulk SMS – Is It Really Worth It?

While low prices and discounts can be a vital driver of sales, it is also remembering the old adage that you get what you pay for. Bulk SMS is not an exception. Businesses can select between paying less and pay later when a problem arises or paying a little bit more for a better general service without any troubles. WhenRead the rest of this page »

Can SMS Marketing Be Effective For Your Business? Should You Use SMS As A Marketing Tool?

SMS marketing has been widely used throughout the years and for a long time, it died out. The trouble was email marketing took over from text messaging marketing as more people were online in one form or another. However, any marketing can only be good and you might want to turn to SMS marketing to help your business. Can SMSRead the rest of this page »


By communicating to your existing clients and also to bring new clients or customers, texting is the best way to communicate with them. A short and concise message is becoming the most affordable way to connect with the customers, they can easily receive the message that you will send.  A short message is being use for marketing purposes and storeRead the rest of this page »


In choosing the right service provider for you SMS marketing campaign, you need to look for a service provider that can help on your marketing. A service provider that will blend smoothly with your customer or friends,and will help you to grow bigger in order to compete to other business competitor. So you need to consider some instances in lookingRead the rest of this page »


There are basic but important tips in creating a effective SMS marketing messages, because of the limited number of characters allowed in making a SMS message it is easy to forget to put in basic information, which of course,it is very important to do! In creating an SMS message, you need to make it short and direct to the pointRead the rest of this page »